I' (Dj Imran)

Imran M. Khan. Dj, Producer and Designer Graphics and Media. Born in Mozambique, began his career as a Pro DJ then started Producing electronic music. His style of electronik music is House, Deep House, Electro House, Trance and Dance!

He also studies architecture and is currently in second year.

He is a master in Media Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, After Effects, Adobe Premier ...).

He Is Learning to use 3D Softwares Such as Cinema 4D and 3D's Max!

And also a software developer. At 16 he created a new software platform for A2 of the Sony-Ericsson His best software called K900i (7LE) For Sony-Ericsson K850i!

At the age of 18 he developed the sequel for one of the best games of all time ... GTA SanAndreas

For more information check his Web sites and pages on facebook!

Late in 2011 he completed his first album "Desire" ... but was published only late on his birthday (21/01/2012)

At the age of 19 began working on his own line of clothing that will be the Official Clothing's for "House Nation" (Label Created by himself) ...

He has been playing in many events and social (schools, colleges, universities, CFM, sanzala, Lounge, Birthdays, Ice Lounge, Havana Bar, Rua de Arte, Nossa Casa (Miramar), Kaya Kweru, Celebrations and many others) ...

For Booking and Jobs:

+258 827143774

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